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Cm Lodestar Vs Variable Speed Electric Chain Hoist

Cm Lodestar Vs Variable Speed Electric Chain Hoist

Cm Lodestar Vs Variable Speed Electric Chain Hoist


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Quick Overview:

  • Lodestar Variable Speed Series
  • 1/8 to 3T Capacity
  • 10ft Lift height
  • 115v Single Phase or 230/460v 3 Phase
  • Top Hook Suspension
  • Made in the USA

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Features & Specification


A one-of-a-king intelligent hoist, the CM Lodestar VS Variable Speed Electric Chain Hoist features a HI-Tech™ hoist interface technology developed exclusively by Columbus McKinnon to enable simple connection via laptop or tabet via easy-to-access port giving the operator full ability to quickly and easily adjust hoist speed and performance parameters such as overload protection and limit switches as well as access condition monitoring. 

Optimum Precision
A 20:1 speed ratio enables a wide range of hoist lifting speeds to give the operator optimum control and ultimate precision whilst reducing the need to 'inch' the hoist in to position which commonly results in 'load bounce' which often can cause damage to hoists when repetitive. 

SwiftLift™ your way to efficiency- Lodestar VS hoists are fitted with SwiftLift™ technology that allows the hook to move 200% faster when the hoist is not under load.

Standard Features:

  • Lifetime lubricated gearbox
  • Fabric chain container
  • Hook suspension
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Zinc-plated load chain
  • Metric rated



CM Lodestar VS Hoist with Rocket Pendant (Optional Extra)

Optional Extras:

  • Aavailable on all but 3-step models, CM Rocket pendants provides comfort, safety and precision when operating your Lodestar VS Electric Chain Hoist
  • Double DC brakes
  • Rotateanle limit switch
  • AC electric brake
  • Traditional 2 speeds
  • Primary and secondary transformer fusing
  • Black phosphate or stainless steel load chain
  • Metal and stainless steel chain containers
  • CM 635 Motor Driven Trolley


Uniquely Versatile

Lodestar VS Hoists rival as the best in the market not only for their robust build quality, but also for their unique versatility.


Suspension Points

Manual or electric trolleys enable the already hook suspended hoist to traverse horizontally long a girder whilst Beam Clamps facilitate a static suspension point.

Full adjustability of both trolleys and beam clamps provides further flexibility when mounting your CM Lodestar VS.


Chain Container

Included as standard with all Lodestar VS hoists is a translucent fabric chain container, not only does this store the slack load chain as it goes up and out of the hoist body, but it also enables you to see how much of the chain is in the container thanks to its translucent design, this can be really useful in applications where the operator cannot see the hook, the bag type design also allows for easy passing of liquid meaning if the chain gets wet it's less likely to sit in a pool of water! (models with longer lifs may require different styles of the container). Secured by a bracket and tethered by a wire rope safety wire to ensure added protection against bag-drops should a critical mounting component become damaged.


CM HI-Tech™ Hoist Interface

CM HI-Tech Hoist Interface technology is innovation at its finest. Incorporating today's digital 'App' technology in to this professional hoist range is what sets the CM VS hoist apart from the rest. Fully control and customize your hoist by simply plugging in your laptop/smart device and accessing masses of data that will help you make informed decisions about your setup. 



Set Limits

Set, tweak and perfect- your limit switches are no longer adjusted the 'old school' way, with CM HI-Tech you're able to set and adjust your limits with fine precision.


Adjustable Performance Perameters 

Superior speed control with CM Hi-Tech™ means you're able to select your control method (single, two-speed or even three-speed!), choose that exact speed within the parameters of the hoist, models fitted with Variable Frequency Inverters (IV Control) offer the ability to adjust the acceleration/decelaration time between speeds- this can be particularly beneficial when using the hoist to position fine tooling, glass and other fragile/delicate items. Inverter control can also reduce stress on the electrical motor since operators can optimize the settings to avoid the need to 'inch' a load in to place.



  • Lift/load monitoring
  • Current monitoring
  • Voltage monitoring

Monitoring Advantages: Lowered torque spikes and decreased wear and tear as well as reducing overload faults.

Control At Every Step

Lodestar VS hoists are not only technologically advanced, but also advanced in their maintenance-friendly features. CM HI-Tech™ hoisting technology also plays a part in maintenance of the hoist, an hour counter, load monitor, overload protection, fault information.

Rocket Universal Pendant 

Included on all apart from 3-step models, the CM Rocket Universal Pendant includes a unique ergonomically designer rocker-switch that reduces thumb strain and fatigue while providing optimal control and precision.



Maintain & Adjust With Ease

Normally adjusting the limits, checking condition monitoring results and fault codes would require opening of the hoist case, manual adjustment or non-friendly connectivity- with the Lodestar VS you simply plug your laptop of tablet right in to the easy-to-access port and the results are at your fingertips.

  • Fitted with Magnetek premier frequency inverter drive (IMPULSE G+ Mini drive)
  • Single or three phase power supply
  • 115v, 230v or 460v 60hz
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Overload protection
  • Can be fitted to CM 635 Motor Driven Trolley
  • Lodestar VS Brochure

LV01321A102MA 280   10 17.63 32 115 1/4
LV01321A103VA 280   10 17.63 32 115 1/4
LV01321B102MA 280   10 17.63 32 115 1/4
LV01321B103VA 280   10 17.63 32 115 1/4
LV01601A102MA 280   10 17.63 60 115 1/2
LV01601A103VA 280   10 17.63 60 115 1/2
LV01601B102MA 280   10 17.63 60 115 1/2
LV01601B103VA 280   10 17.63 60 115 1/2
LV02161A102MA 560   10 17.63 16 115 1/4
LV02161A103VA 560   10 17.63 16 115 1/4
LV02161B102MA 560   10 17.63 16 115 1/4
LV02161B103VA 560   10 17.63 16 115 1/4
LV02321A102MA 560   10 17.63 32 115 1/2
LV02321A103VA 560   10 17.63 32 115 1/2
LV02321B102MA 560   10 17.63 32 115 1/2
LV02321B103VA 560   10 17.63 32 115 1/2
LV05082A102MA 1,120   10 19.56 8 115 1/4
LV05082A103VA 1,120   10 19.56 8 115 1/4
LV05082B102MA 1,120   10 19.56 8 115 1/4
LV05082B103VA 1,120   10 19.56 8 115 1/4
LV05161A102MA 1,120   10 17.63 16 115 1/2
LV05161A103VA 1,120   10 17.63 16 115 1/2
LV05161B102MA 1,120   10 17.63 16 115 1/2
LV05161B103VA 1,120   10 17.63 16 115 1/2
LV10082A102MA 2,240   10 19.56 8 115 1/2
LV10082A103VA 2,240   10 19.56 8 115 1/2
LV10082B102MA 2,240   10 19.56 8 115 1/2
LV10082B103VA 2,240   10 19.56 8 115 1/2

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