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CM Electric Chain Hoists

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Universal Beam Trolley End Stops


CM Shopstar Electric Chain Hoist


CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist Three Phase 230/460v

$2,680.00 $3,403.00

CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist Single Phase 115v

$2,680.00 $3,403.00

CM Shopstar VS Electric Chain Hoist


CM Lodestar XL Electric Chain Hoist


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The Lodestar is a popular choice. You can get the lodestar electric chain hoist in 110v, 230v, and 400v.  It is strong enough to work in harsh conditions and is one of the best in the hire industry.

The Lodestar is robust and has an aluminum body and can handle shock and protects the hoist components. Modifications are easy to make and you can interchange from 1T unit to 2T unit. There are limit switches and the bags can be changed easily.

The product itself is lightweight and the body alloy covers the mechanical and electrical components to keep them in good condition.  There are also suspension options so check for the various items on offer. The thermal overload on this product adds safety when lifting.

In addition, the better the hoisting unit is looked after the less it will cost you. It's important that you keep the chain lubricated to stop any damage.