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Grade 100 Chain Slings

Grade 100 chain slings are normally manufactured from alloy steel. Grade 100 chain slings are 25% stronger than grade 80 chains making them ideal for lifting any heavy items. Lifting Equipment Store USA proof tests its grade 100 chain slings to ensure you have an exceptionally reliable sling for all your lifting needs.

It is important for you to inspect them regularly so you can avoid faults from occurring when lifting items. You should keep an inspection record to check on its condition and to ensure you're using a chain sling that is reliable and capable of the lifting job it needs to do. We also recommend that you clean your grade 100 chain slings to add that extra layer of safety.

Grade 100 chain slings are produced to the highest possible quality standards and the range of fittings available makes this one of the most comprehensive systems available. The grade 100 chain slings are 5mm to 32mm and offer lifting capacities of up to 85 tonnes on a four-leg sling. You can see the different selection of leg slings Lifting Equipment Store USA have on offer by going to the chain slings and lifting chains category.

If you have any questions on what grade chain sling you need for your business, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team today.