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Lashing equipment is used for transporting items via cars, vans, and lorries. By using lashing equipment you can increase the security of your products that you are transporting from one area to another. Lashing equipment doesn't necessarily need to be used for moving items, it can be just to secure an item making it a popular item with our valued customers.

Lashing equipment is relatively lightweight and can be wrapped up in a small area as to not take up much room when in storage. It's important you look after your lashing equipment and regularly test the strength of your lashing equipment such as ratchet straps. If they are not in good condition you need to replace them before using them to transport goods. They present a major health and safety risk if they are not fit for use and cause costly damage.

Examples of lashing equipment include ratchet straps, chain binders, lashing chains, and lashing points. You can see the full range of our lashing equipment products below.

If you have any questions on what lashing equipment you might need, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment USA store today to discuss your bespoke solution.