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Jib Cranes are commonly called other names, we've listed the below product categories that fall under the jib arm family.

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Harrington CF Hand Chain Hoist


Chain Hoists make lifting of heavy loads light work, they're easy to install and even easier to use. Commonly referred to as 'Chain Pulleys', 'Block and Tackle', and 'Chain Blocks'. Chain Hoists are available in manual, electric and pneumatic operation, opening up high capacity lifting by chain to all applications and environments. At LES USA we offer capacities up to 50Tons and huge lifting heights and our delivery times are impeccable- right when you need it.

We're here to help you choose the right chain hoist for the job, there will be many things you need to consider in the eyes of safety that will vary from application to application and this should be covered by a thorough risk assessment prior to setup.

Choosing a chain hoist is easy!
  1. Do you need powered or manual operation? Let's face it, everything is easier electronic, we as humans love things happening at the push of a button, so if budget permits- go electric (or pneumatic), but truthfully if you're only using the hoist a few times a year then maybe it's not worth it- that's your decision
  2. Select the desired maximum load weight (we start at 500lbs)
  3. Choose a lifting height or 'height of lift' that's future proof. By this we mean think about the future of this hoist, if the hoist moves and you need a longer lifting height the only way to extend the hoist is a new chain which can be an expensive procedure for a small gain, choose a chain long enough for every job the hoist will perform
  4. Choose how you'll suspend your hoist, this might be via its top hook on to a beam clamp or travel trolley whilst we offer some units that feature integrated trolleys (this is quite standard for electric chain hoists)

That's it! It really is that easy, for more information on electric and pneumatic (air) chain hoists please see their specific category pages.