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Thern Galvanized Wire Rope Assemblies

From $140.00

Thern Headache Ball (Wire Rope Weighted Block)

From $229.00

Thern Stainless Steel Wire Rope Assemblies

From $239.00

Thern Liberty Capstan Winch

From $4,030.00

Thern Vertical Lead Block

From $517.00

Thern Capstan Tow Hitch


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Thern® Winches & Cranes are proudly manufactured in the USA to solve all type of lifts or pulls, big or small. Thern manufacture winches used to move NASA space shuttles as well as those used to pull your boat on to a trailer. What you can always be sure of is top quality and optimum safety when it comes to Thern® winches and davit cranes. Got a custom application? We'd love to hear about it- talk to our Thern winch and crane specialists today.